Getting started with Ranking Raccoon

We vet each site very carefully. Here's what we're gonna need from you:

Email and password

The standard stuff.  We'll send you a code to verify your email.

This is how we prevent fake profiles.

LinkedIn verification

We make sure all users are credible SEOs by verifying their LinkedIn profiles.

Other users will only see your first name and picture. We don't collect any other information.

Site info

You’ll need to provide the URL of your site, select an industry, list your main topics and add a meta title/short description.

This will help your future backlink buddies decide if your site is relevant to them.


We then ask for your site's Ahrefs metrics (DR and traffic).

Don’t have Ahrefs? Don’t sweat, these metrics are accessible for free.

Getting verified

We don’t just let in anybody. Moderators manually review each registered site and user.

What do we check?

Validity of metrics

Authenticity of profile

Quality of content and copy

Niche relevance and spam keywords

Website health score

Company profile

Any red flags, from inflated metrics to toxicity

If you have any questions about this process, please let us know.

The raccoon mascot in front of a laptop, holding a magnifying glass.

Finding relevant sites


Here, you can edit your website profile: update your data or add guidelines.

These profiles are shareable and basically serve as your mini-portfolio.

On your homepage, you’ll see all the websites you manage.

You can add new sites here, which will also go through the verification process.

You’ll also be able to access your favorite contacts.

Please remember that paid links, explicit or adult material, illegal activities, gambling, spam, or any content that violates intellectual property rights are prohibited.

Refer to our community guidelines for more information.


Once you found a promising site, hit the “Start a chat” button to (you guessed it!) send a message: specifically, a link request.

When you send somebody a link request, please make sure that:

  • Your message is personalised
  • You are aware of your prospect’s industry, topics and content
  • You are asking/offering thematically relevant backlinks

Use the “Suggest link placement” toggle if you already have a specific placement in mind.

When you offer an anchor text please make sure that you’ve considered the context and placement

We’re proud to say that 30% of requests result in links built.

That’s a success rate cold emails can’t beat!