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Get genuine backlinks from curated websites vetted by our expert team

Ranking Raccoon's mascot: a smiley raccoon who is wearing a crown and jumping towards the headline of the website.

Forget link farms or paid links

Our curated platform is manually moderated.

We carefully review each site and filter out anything shady, so you can browse safely.

Message real site admins directly

No more guesswork: know exactly whom to reach out to with a link request.

Build lasting collaborations and impactful links with genuine fellow SEOs.

Watch your response rate go up, up, up

71% of link requests on Ranking Raccoon get a reply within a week.

That’s a 9x higher response rate than an average cold email yields.

A safe way of building links

We double-check every registered website

Validity of metrics

We double-check the DR/DA and monthly organic traffic for site pages on Ahrefs.

Authenticity of profile

To ensure 100% of our users are authentic professionals.

Quality of design and content and copies

Including blog posts frequency, topics, relevance and authenticity.

Niche relevance and spam keywords

To make sure the site adheres to Google Search policies.

Website health score

Any technical and on-page issues indicated by Ahrefs Site Audit

Company profile

We only allow legitimate websites.

Any red flags, from inflated metrics to toxicity

To create a fully safe link building environment for everyone

Connect with authentic SEO pros

Step 1.
Sign up via LinkedIn

Don’t worry: we won’t let others access your profile.

Pass the quick quality check and enter an SEO paradise.

Step 2.
Browse verified sites in 54 niches

Find a perfect match and start a chat with real site admins in just one click.

See their site guidelines right away and save time.

Chat about the details, just as you typically do - but much faster.

Step 3.
Build genuine, do-follow backlinks

See when your requested link is published: Ranking Raccoon instantly checks if the link is live and is a do-follow one, so you can have peace of mind.

Step 4.
Foster lasting SEO collaborations

Connect to trustworthy experts who take SEO seriously.

Collaborate across websites and content pieces.

Experience a new, easy, and enjoyable way of doing link building. 

Message input field.A message sent by user 1 containing the fields: message, link from, link to. The message also contains a website's URL and its metrics.A message sent by user 2 saying that the link is already live.Automatic message sent by the raccoon saying that a published link has been confirmed.

71% of link requests get a reply within a week.

35% turn into published links.

Redefining how links are built

For in-house marketers and SEO experts

Build strong backlinks 3x faster than with cold emails and take link building ROI to unseen heights.

Elevate site traffic, domain authority, and visibility by fostering genuine relationships with credible experts and websites.

For digital agencies and freelancers

Make Ranking Raccoon your secret weapon: message relevant site admins directly and get 9x more replies than with cold emails.

Build quality links for your clients across 54 niches in days, not weeks.

What trusted SEOs get with Ranking Raccoon

“I'm a fan of Ranking Raccoon: it came right when I started experiencing a genuine problem with link building.

It's been quick and easy to build links, because community members are all motivated to do that.”

“I love how empowered I feel by Ranking Raccoon. I got 12 strong backlinks within a quarter - 3 times faster than with cold emails.

It's a platform that's needed to be around.”

“Ranking Raccoon is very easy to use: you see the link building opportunities in just one click.

I've collaborated with 6 companies so far and am curious about what comes next."

“I've been using Ranking Raccoon since its first day, and I can definitely see the value in it.

No spam, continuous improvement, and a supportive community.”

"The platform is pretty easy to use: you have all the features you need and the right people so that you can build a network and connections quickly.

And the best thing is, one of the biggest issues - link sellers and brokers - is non-existent here”.

“Ranking Raccoon has changed my approach to link building. It's more than just a tool: it's a supportive community where everyone is keen to assist one another in growing.

Acquiring valuable backlinks has been seamless, and I've observed my network's expansion. It's the long-awaited solution in the SEO industry.”

“I love that Ranking Raccoon lets me exchange directly with other in-house marketers and avoid the go-between.

I got around 10 backlinks within a couple of weeks, which was way faster and infinitely better ROI than the usual way of doing link building.”

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Curated website in your niche

Spam-free platform with manual moderation

Direct messages to fellow link builders

Zero paid links, link farms, or PBNs

What happens when you subscribe?
Step 1.

Register for free. We don’t ask for credit card information.

Step 2.

Your website undergoes a quality check by our expert team within 1 business day.

Step 3.

Once verified, you can browse the profiles of SEO pros in your niche.

Step 4.

Build strong backlinks from credible, relevant websites

Step 5.

After 14 days of using the platform, upgrade to Pro or stay on the free Lite plan.

Step 6.

Pro plan costs $25 per month. Cancel any time.

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