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Ranking Raccoon connects you to other backlink builders.
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Message SEO pros open to link offers or link requests.
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Since all users need to pass a quality check, you can discuss details with the best of the best.
We review the following for each and every registered site:

Validity of metrics

Authenticity of profile

Quality of content and copy

Niche relevance and spam keywords

Website health score

Company profile

Any red flags, from inflated metrics to toxicity

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Keep link requests and link offers separate.

It’s as easy as A-B-C.

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Build connections to brag about

Connect to real people who take SEO seriously.

Ask for a relevant placement and chat about the details, just as you typically do.

Okay, maybe much faster.

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Your website gets verified by a team of experts doing a thorough quality check.

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Once verified, you can browse the profiles of SEO pros in your niche.

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Build authentic, free backlinks on credible websites.

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After 3 months of using the platform, register your credit card.

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